Candice Hooper
Candice Hooper
Portrayed by Ellen Wroe
Location New York City
Occupation Presage Paper

School Status

College Student

Deceased Yes
Appearance(s) Final Destination 5

Candice Hooper was a survivor of the North Bay Bridge Collapse.

She is portrayed by Ellen Wroe.


Candice is an employee at Presage Paper, who is going on the retreat, and the girlfriend of Peter Friedkin. As they are crossing the North Bay bridge, it begins to collapse and Candice exits the bus with the other employees and it begins to break underneath her, forcing her to the side of the bridge. She yells for Peter, who is unable to help her, and the bridge underneath her falls, taking her with her. She screams as she falls towards the water, until she is impaled on a sail of a passing boat, killing her and horrifying Peter. It is revealed that this was actually a premonition from Sam. Sam tries to get everyone to get off, but they don't listen so he gets Molly and they exit the bus. Peter gets off to try and bring them back on, as Candice follows him. The bridge finally begins to collapse and Candice and Peter run to the end of the bridge, surviving the collapse this time.

Candice attends the funeral of the employees that perished and questions how knew. Candice goes to gymnastics practice that night, with Peter in stands. She evades death many times, almost stepping on a screw and almost being electrocuted. Finally, Candice is on the swinging bars, as another gymnast steps on the screw, causing her to fall into the hand powder. The powder goes into Candice's eyes, messing her vision and causing her to let go off the bars. She swings into the air and plummets to the ground, breaking her back and killing her, as Peter watches in horror.


  • Candice is shown in the film as a cocky, brash and snobbish woman who considers life as a contest every time.
  • She is always in competition with Olivia, with who she shares an enmity, but she secretly respects and admires her
  • Candice was originally Candice Caldera, Dennis Caldera's daughter.