Olivia Castle
Olivia Castle in FD5
Portrayed by Jacqueline Macinnes Wood
Location New York
Age 20s
Cause of Death Falls out of a window
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Hazel

Olivia Castle was a survivor of the North Bay Bridge Collapse.

She is portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.


Olivia is an employee at Presage Paper, who is going on the retreat. As they are crossing the North Bay bridge, it begins to collapse and Olivia exits the bus with the other employees. Olivia loses her glasses and her vision becomes impaired. She yells for help, as Sam helps her over to a beam that Molly is on the other side of. She tries to crawl across but the beam breaks and she plummets to the water. She survives the fall, until a car rolls off the bridge and crushes her. It is revealed that this was all actually a premonition of the event. Sam warns them of what is about to happen and he and Molly exit the bus, with Peter and Candice coming behind to bring them back aboard. Curious, Olivia gets off the bus with Isaac, Nathan and Dennis and questions what they are doing, when the bridge begins to collapse. Olivia runs and makes it off the collapsing bridge just in time, surviving the incident.

Olivia attends the funeral of the employees that perished and goes back to work, where she drinks with Molly, Sam, Nathan and Peter. Olivia leaves the party to go to recieve LASIK eye surgery, as she doesn't want to miss anything that's going on in her life due to her sight. The doctor brings Olivia into the room and preps her, giving her a teddy bear whom she accidentally breaks the eye off of, but leaves to make sure his file is complete. Suddenly, the machine begins malfunctioning and the laser reaches a dangerous level. Olivia attempts to stop it, using an emergency stop button, but is unable to reach the remote, causing it to fall and hit the on button. The laser turns on and begins severely burning Olivia's eye, which she tries to block with her hand. She rips the clamp off of her eye and escapes the chair, as Sam, Molly and the doctor arrive in the room. Olivia screams for them to help her, as she steps on the eye of the teddy bear and trips, crashing through the window and plummeting onto a car below.